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Afordable Educational Groups in Term-Time and School Holidays

Skilled and Qualified Staff | Educational & Inspiring Sessions | Wellbeing Centric | Active, Flexible & Fun

Alternative Provision is ideal for:

– young people being home educated

– school atendees experiencing anxiety or low-confidence

– Neurodivergent minds

Educational Holiday Provision is:

– a mixed programme with lots of time outside

– perfect for making new friends and gaining confidence

– suitable for young people who do not require 1:1 support

Educational Groups: Various Locations: Starting from £15 per young person / per session

We offer a range of educational groups that provide enriching learning opportunities, in a nurturing environment with experienced and qualified teachers. 

Groups can be accessed as a half or full-day provision and are suited to young people who will thrive in a small group environment, without requiring 1:1 support.  These sessions benefit all young people – especially neurodivergent young people and those who need to build self confidence.

For young people aged 7-11 years, our “Frogmary Fridays” provides a morning of numeracy and literacry skills through games, engaging activities and storytelling, followed by an afternoon of that spotlights on a range of activities from Outdoor Learning, STEM, Cooking, Sports, Problem Solving, Games, Crafting and Team Building.

For young people aged 11+ we offer a range of groups providing maths, english and science in small groups in relaxed settings.  This can include tuition for Functional Skills & GCSE. 

We also deliver a fantastic “Skills and Social” day, where young people can cook and undertake sports every week and develop skills in team work, problem solving, crafting and how to get along with each other!  We also offer the Duke of Edinbugh Award through this group.

Our pioneering Life Skills programme gives young people everything they need for adult life and can be accessed from Year 7 and above. 

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Parent of an autistic, home educated young person

By attending Rama Life J discovered that he could safely engage with people outside the family, that he could safely push his boundaries and widen his horizons, he could safely learn new things, he could safely challenge himself, he could safely feel anxious but choose to do the activity anyway (including achieving his Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award). He is realistic about the wider world and knows that not everywhere will be so supportive and that there will inevitably be challenges ahead but, Jenn and the team at Rama Life helped him to see that, in the world outside home, he can achieve what he sets out to achieve, he can navigate the unfamiliar and he does have the power to make his own choices.  The confidence that his time at Rama Life helped nurture will benefit Josh far beyond his time there and will, I am sure, serve to add to his quality of life ongoing. That is the essence of Rama Life’s value to Josh and it’s gift to the young people in their care.

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Our Fees:

We provide a highly unique opportunity for young people to be able to access alternative provision, with qualified teachers, for young people who can manage within a group without 1:1, at a highly subsidised rate.  This is to try and support families and those young people who do not currently have funding through an EHCP that they can access.


Subsidised Rate for young people who do not have funding without an EHCP:

AM: £20
PM: £15
Full Day: £35

Full Rate for young people with an EHCP that includes funding for Alternative Provision.

AM: £50
PM: £37.50
Full Day: £87.50