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If you are interested in getting involved as a staff member or volunteer, check out Join the Team.

Meet the Directors
The Rama Life Directors are the foundation of the company.  They each have a very different role, but collectevly take responsibility for all aspects, ensuring that staff are well supported and that the business remains true to it’s vision and ethos.

Rama Life Managing Director Jenn Hodge

Jenn 'Rama' Hodge

As Rama Life founder, Jenn brings vision and energy to the business.  She specialises in strategy and problem solving and is passionate about supporting others to improve self-esteem and confidence.

Jenn is a connector of people, an out of the box thinker and has a strong growth mindset.  She is currently working on her first book and enjoys  motivational speaking.

Tracey Boarland Rama Life

Tracey 'TY' Boarland

Director – Finance and HR
Tracey is a skilled project manager, with a degree in business and experience of working in both Primary and Higher Education.  In addition to overseeing Finance and HR, she ensures we are compliant with Ofsted and maintaining ‘best practice’ procedures.

As a Rama Life Director, she is enjoying helping the business grow and is excited to be part of the strategy team.

Claire Laidler

Claire Laidler

Educated to Masters level in business, Claire is a Director for Rama Life, whilst running her own VA business and undertaking various roles, from finance to project management.

Claire has a non-operational role and is a trusted sounding board, steadying voice and an invaluable source of encouragement and support. 

Laura Ballantyne

Laura Ballantyne

Director, Fundraising & Comms
Laura has a degree in Psychology with HR and lots of experience in marketing, sales and customer service.  She loves working for Rama because she is passionate about families being supported in their educational choices.

Since starting with us in 2022, Laura’s role has developed and she now works closely with our CEO and strategy team as a Director.

Meet the Leaders & Supporters
The Rama Life core leadership team consist of an amazing mix of individuals, who have a wide range of skills and experience.
Current vacancies are advertised on our website and social media, but we are happy to accept speculative enquires.

Michelle Harris Rama Life

Michelle 'Mitch' Harris

Teacher: Maths, PE & FS English
Michelle is a highly experienced teacher and her role has developed over time to include that of Associate Head and Head of Maths and Computing.  As part of her Masters thesis,  she set up a “Learning Hub” that successfully provided a supported and safe place for students at risk of permanent exclusion.

Michelle is driven by the desire to make education engaging, acessible and useful to young people.

Jo Snell Rama Life

Jo "JT" Snell

Teacher: EYFS & DDSL
Jo is a qualified primary school teacher with a degree in education.  Having worked in mainstream teaching for over 10 years, she has joined Rama Life for a more child focussed approach. 

Jo loves the outdoors and brings an indepth knowledge of the KS1 & 2 curriculum along with kindness, patience and excellent organisational skills. 

Joe Brooks Rama Life

Joe "Bivi" Brooks

Teacher: Secondary Science & Forest School
Where would you find a person who is a qualified engineer, Chemistry Teacher and outdoors fanatic?  At Rama Life of course! 

Joe is an enthusiastic teacher and Forest School Leader and he brings the excitement of science and outdoor learning to the forefront of his sessions.

Mel Fletcher

Mel 'Herby' Fletcher

Activity Assistant
Mel brings a wealth of outdoors based skills and learning, in addition to experience of working with young people and animals.  Calm, kind and friendly, Mel is fantastic at making young people and families feel welcome.

Mel has Royal Horticultural Society certification, knoweldge of Hedgrow Herbs and is in the process of becoming a medical herbalist  and councillor.


Ellie Hayes Rama Life Forest School Leader

Ellie Hayes

Forest School & Maths Tutor
With a background and degree in engineering, qualifications in tutoring and Forest School Level 3 and a passion for STEM, Ellie brings maths to life and draws connections between nature and the technological world.

Ellie is passionate about maths being accessible and taught by exploration, rather than by rote.  She creates a relaxed environment and makes maths fun – which we think is very clever.


Meet the Volunteers
Volunteers are epic and we are very grateful to each and every person who helps Rama Life.  Our actual volunteer team involves lots more people, but the ones shown below are often involved in youth sessions.  If you would like to find out about volunteering with Rama Life, we would love to hear from you.  We provide a DBS, training, fun, laughter, flexibility, opportunities to do cool things and plenty of tea and biscuits.  If you have a role that requires a uniform top, there are options and its a really nice colour 🙂

Gareth Plunkett

Gareth Plunkett

Duke of Edinburgh Assessor
More info coming soon.

Mal Eustice

Mal Eustice

Duke of Edinburgh Assessor
More info coming soon.