Rama Life About Us

About Us
Rama Life are a not-for-profit Alternative Education Provision, founded in January 2020, by CEO Jenn Hodge. 

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Our groups run from Frogmary Green Farm, a selection of village halls and in schools. 
We aim to have permanent premises by 2026.

Our Vision is to have a government funded, Rama Life provision within a 20 minute drive from every school in the country.

Our Mission is to revolutionise access to affordable alternative education for young people who are neurodivergent or who fall in the “needs gap” between mainstream and specialist schools.  We do by providing small group learning, with skilled facilitators, and with an underlying aim to build confidence, self-esteem, resilience and wellbeing.

Our Purpose is to ensure that neurodivergent young people are not disadvantaged, by offering an alternative to mainstream school, which we know, does not usually meet their needs in relation to education or wellbeing.  We do this by offering provisions they can access whilst on roll at a school, as part of an EOTAS package or as a home educated young person.

Rama - Wood Burning - Leaves - Autumn

Our Values

  • Individuality
    Our core belief is that self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence are the foundation for happiness and productivity.
  • Community
    We all deserve to feel part of a community and by working together we can all achieve more and feel better.
  • Outdoors
    Being outdoors is the best way to develop and improve mental and physical health.
  • Wellbeing
    Developing strong mental and physical health (by being active) is key to lifelong wellbeing.
  • Growth Mindset
    Life gives us continued opportunities and challenges to allow us to grown, learn and develop skills.  This approach of reflection and reframing supports mental health and improves resilience.

The Name – Rama Life
Rama was the nickname of founder, Jenn Hodge, when she was a community youth leader.  The name is referred to in The Jungle Book (and is also the name of a Godess but there is no religious connection). The meaning is derived from the word Ram and has various translations including “Stop, stand still, rest, rejoyce and be pleased” and “a model of reason, right action, and desirable virtues”. 

Jenn set about to create educational provisions that worked for neurodivergent young people – she is very excited to see how Rama Life grows and develops over the years to come.