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How you can help make a difference

Rama Life are a Community Interest Company which means we are Not For Profit
This is similiar to being a charity (see more below).

Why to support us
Needs of neurodivergent young people are not being met in school.  Rates of mental health issues and anxiety are increasing and we are making a real difference by providing accessible education and wellbeing support.

If you struggled in school or you knew someone who did, or if you just want to support young people and a pioneering community organisation – all donations make a difference.

Donate Now

You can donate to us now through GoFundMe.

If you would like to make a monthly or annual donation you can do so through Pay Pal.

If you are interested in making a sizeable donation to Rama Life or are a professional wanting to offer any kind of business support, please get in touch to talk to one of our directors.

Resource Donation
We always need resources and you can help us save money by donating them directly to us.

Examples: Printer Paper, Felt Tip Pens, Art and Craft Supplies, Toilet Rolls and Handsoap.  We sometimes need items such as boardgames, dictionaries and sports equipment.

If as an individual or business, you woud like to donate something – please get in touch.

Not For Profit means that any money we earn or have had donated, must remain in our organisation.  So we can pay our team, we can buy resources (or premises!) but we do not give any directors dividends (extra payments that are not part of their salaries) and if Rama closed, everything in our ownership would need to be donated to a similiar organisation, to carry on similar community work.