As a parent of neurodivergent children, I thought I had found the perfect school (independent, very nurturing and supportive with good SEN support).

Moving up the the senior school in the same environment should have been easy except it was the most horrific experience for my children and my family.

The SENCO “forgot” that the chicken needed SEN support, there were a catalogue of disasters in the school (secondary) such as no timetables being made available to any child, no pastoral support, no kindness and empathy at all, just judgments from heads of year who all closed ranks on complaint, parents who did the same.

The whole experience was extremely scarring and still is to this day. One child wanted to take their own life, one collapsed in the street on the way to school with the stress of lack of SEN support.

Both are now home educated and it’s taken two years to get their confidence back. This school was extremely damaging to my children and family.