In primary school I was in a class of 18 kids . Primary school was a very hard time for me as in year 4 my dad was diagnosed with ME and fiber mialga .

I was also being bullied by my other classmates and being an only child all of the emotions that came with these actions made it a very lonely time for me as I also didn’t want to bother my mum with how I was feeling as I could see she was struggling too.nothing got better until secondary.

I thought everything would change but moving to a different school to everybody else in primary didn’t really change much if anything it made it harder for me to make friends. In year 8 I felt like I had a real group of friends and that was true until the start of year 9 when I was assaulted by one of my so called friends.

From that day on I started having panic and anxiety attacks and I used to hide behind a tree because I was scared of going in to school. Soon me and my mum decided it was time we took me out of school.

That was thee best decision we ever made. I the past 2 years I have done more then I ever had at school. I now have real friends , haven’t had any panic attacks and my goal in life is to help kids that are in a similar situation to me get the help they need wether that be out of school or in school I believe no child should have to suffer because they want a good education.