When my daughter was in primary, she was so confident and happy. I thought she would do well transferring to secondary but it couldn’t further from the truth.

In the 5 months since she started at secondary, her confidence has hit rock bottom, she would close herself away in her room as soon as she came home from school, she would be aggressive towards us (her parents) she wouldn’t want to engage with any family activities and hated talking about school.

Every morning would be a struggle to get her up and ready to go to school. I’ve sent around 20 emails to school and had 2 meetings to talk about my worries about my daughter.

They keep saying “she’s fine in school” I’ve explained countless times that she is masking while at school and all the emotions come out once she’s home. The SENCO haven’t replied to one of my emails or attended either meetings. I’ve suggested a few options which might help my daughter while in school, such as, a reduced timetable and going to a smaller classroom but all have been refused.

The school keep on about her attendance but won’t meet her needs to help her feel comfortable in school. The head of year has suggested I should punish her for not going into school by refusing to let her see friends and even “making her day at home as uncomfortable as possible “.

She even said that I should make her wear her school uniform at home and do homework. I’ve asked for an alternative provision but they said, she doesn’t have high enough needs…

What could make a difference?
Listen to myself and my daughter and provide the support needed.