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Our first round of data results will be published in June 2024.

Story 1: Mum, Somerset

Our school journey started in 2016 and ended in 2022.  From the beginning we were regularly 'called in' to see the teacher due to our son being unable to sit still, we also repeatedly reminded them that he started school when he had only just turned...

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Story 3: Mum, Somerset

The school support hub seems to lack effort with Ruth now and she says she feels like she’s being a nuisance. My worst nightmare unfolds as Ruth begins self-harming and can’t explain to us why, other than it makes her feel better.

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Story 4: Mum, Somerset

As a mother of 3 children aged between 17 and 33, I have experienced our education system for quite a few years!  Sadly, I have also witnessed its decline over the last 15 years to such an extent that it is unfit for its purpose and damaging our children’s...

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School works for some - it needs to work for EVERYONE

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