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– Complete our simple online form.

– Tell us your school experience as a student, parent, carer or teacher.

– We will turn this into data, to campaign for change.

– If you choose to, you can have your story displayed on our website and in our “My School Story” book.

This will give you a voice and will support and encourage other people who are going through the same experiences.

Tell Your School Story: We are listening

In 2024, we will be collecting stories from as many people as possible that school did not work for.

You may have stayed in, or left.  You may have done “ok” but never thrived.  Perhaps you went “under the radar” or were labelled as a trouble maker, lazy, a chatterbox or a day dreamer.

This could have been due to:

– Being a hands on/practical learner.

– Having a strong pull to creative subjects.

– Low mental health from bullying or other reasons.

– Struggling with the noise and chaos that a larger school brings and needing peace and quiet.

– Having skills that were not recognised in school such as with animals, nature, human connection or philosophy.

– Neurodivergence (diagnosed or otherwise), such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, Austism, Tourettes)

We want to hear stories from the perspective of parents/carers and teachers too.  If you have experienced school in different capacities – you can always share more than one story.

There is the optional opportunity for your story to be shared on our website and / or as part of a new book, which will support others, and ensure no-on feels alone with their experience.

How to take part:

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– If you would like to send a photo, video or voice recording, there is an option on the form to do this.

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School works for some – it needs to work for EVERYONE

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