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What is Gather?
‘Gather’ brings people together.  This usually happens face to face, but in the current situation this is not easy – so we have moved online.

Some topics are tricky to talk about – its hard to know where to start and what to cover.  Often your own experiences get in the way and make it hard to talk.

Gather is a discussion group, plus more, as we are able to communicate a lot of info in a relaxed way with no pressure.

We provide a safe space and an experienced facilitator to lead the discussion.  This gives participants the chance to learn, hear what others think and a chance for them to talk too.

Discussion topics are endless.

How does it work?

There are two ways to book onto a Gather.

1. Gather with friends:
Speak to other parents and create a group of young people who know each other.  Just email with some suggested dates and times, we will confirm and send you all a link to pay.

This is a fantastic way to encourage positive communication between friends and can make it easier for some to relax.  

If your child wishes to do the session on their own (ie without other young people), that’s totally fine – but please get in touch, so we can confirm how this works with safeguarding.

2. Gather with others:
Just email with an idea of days/times that work for you and we will be in touch once a group has been formed.

Some children do not have large peer groups and it can be very positive to talk to people that are not ‘friends’ to get different options.

How much does it cost?

The cost is per session / ‘per participant’,  with a minimum of 5 young people to run.  If you have a smaller group the price will be increased slightly.

Sessions are normally £15, but due to Covid-19 we are giving a 50% discount.
Session cost NOW is £7.50 per participant for 1hr 20min.

You can book on as many sessions as you like. 
If you book onto all 6 in a series (highly recommended), you will get the last session half price and you can pay in installments.


All adults from Rama Life on gather sessions will be fully DBS cleared,
had safeguarding training and
will have relevant experience
of working with young people.



Rama Life believe self-esteem, self-worth and self-condience are the foundation for happiness and productivity.


Rama Life believe that by working together we can achieve more, feel good about ourselves and support each other.


Rama Life know that being outdoors can clear your mind, lighten your mood and improve your health – inside and out.

Get in touch

If you would like to book on to or discuss any sessions that we offer or for any other enquiry please send us an email – you can use this form or email info@ramalife.co.uk  We will have a dedicated phone number available shortly.

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