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Would you like to hire the minibus?

Fantastic! You are in the right place.


1. Register Your Orgnisation (takes a few minutes)
You can do this by using the forms below, or by dropping us an email.  If you prefer to use paper and pen thats fine – we can take the details over the phone or send you a form.

2. Register one or more drivers (takes a few minutes)
It is the organisations responsibility to make sure drivers have experience of handling larger vehicles, if you are not sure we are happy to provide a FREE 30min session, to check they can maneouver it on the roads and offer some advice.

3. Book the bus!
Check our calander for availability or get in touch and ask.  If the date is free you can go ahead and book! 

You will need to have a Section 19 Permit.  if you are part of a larger organisation (Scouts for example) they will be able to provide you with this permit.  All other groups need to apply – its just £11 lasts 5 years and take about a week to arrive.
Get in touch and we can advise the easiest way to apply for it (local Council).

We need you to check out the hire policy to make sure you are happy with the rules.  Sorry it is so long.  It doesn’t matter who reads it from your organisation, as long as they explain everything to the driver that they need to know, ahead of the hire.  If you need help with this, just get in touch.

For the COST of hiring please get in touch.  Hires start from as low as £30.

Fill in the forms below

(alternatively click on the links to fill in the forms in a new window)


Step 1: Register your organisation (we will contact you to pay the £20 Fee)

Step 2: Register a driver/s (or they can complete it themselves)

Step 3:  Request a hire date (this can be done at the same time, or at a later date)

The calender below details the availability of the minibus as best as possible – it may not be 100% accurate at the time of viewing. For a definitive availability check; please contact us.

If the bus is booked for part of a day, it may still be available for the rest of the day (allowing for swap over).
Get in touch to enquire

Get in touch

If you have any questions you can email our Transport Manager or call:  01460 510042, option 3