Discussion Groups

Lets get together and talk.


Its good to talk

 Throughout history, people have gathered together to talk and share thoughts and opinions.  Although some of us still do this with friends and family, some subjects can be hard to discuss.

Growing up, puberty, peer pressure, stress, friendships, relationships, sex and pandemics are all topics that can be tricky to be open and honest about – it can also be hard for adults to know what to say or how to say it.


Bringing people together

Gather brings those who are are having similar experiences together, with an experienced group facilitator to help start things off, encourage discussion and provide facts and insight.  A second adult attends for safeguarding purposes.

We run Gather sessions for friendship groups, individuals, families, young people and adults.
Sessions can also be booked to aid conflict resolution and improve communication.


Wide range of topics

Below you will find a list of our ongoing, core sessions, for young people. 

Some of our sessions come in a series and some are “stand alone”. 

If there is a topic not listed or we do not have a certain session available at the moment – please do get in touch.  We can offer bespoke packages, can add dates and will happily seek out an appropriate facilitator if the topic is more specialist.

“Everythings Changing Part 1”
9-12 approx

Preperation is the key to a positive experience of ‘growing up’ and girls may have their first period at age 9.  Ensuring they are prepared, removes the fear and a potentially traumatic experience.  Older children welcome to attend.  We start from the beginning and cover all the basics.

  • Introduction to puberty
    Physical & emotional changes
  • Periods
    The full low down – biology, emotions & sanitary product options
  • Body Confidence
    Our bodies & how we look. Make-up, fashion & the media
  • Under Pressure – Who do I listen to?
    Pressures from parents, education and friends – how to be you.
  • Body Parts
    Matching anatomical names to slang, what everything does and how babies are made.
  • Free Speak
    Chance to recap, dip into any subject previous covered or ask any questions.

“Everythings Changing Part 2”

Every topic will have an introduction but this Gather is a more indepth discussion, allowing young people to ask any questions they have, discuss their thoughts and de-mystify the topics.  Knowledge truly is power and the best way for young people to stay safe in their teenage years.

  • Puberty
    The ever changing, ‘New’ you.
  • Periods
    Options, hints & tips, tricky bits.
  • Body Confidence
    What is beauty?  Size and shape, make up and more.
  • Under Pressure
    Relationships/mates/education and parent pressure
  • Body Parts
    Sex, bodies, slang words, myths & awkward questions
  • Free Speak
    Chance to recap, dip into any subject previous covered or ask any questions.

“The lowdown”

16-17 approx

A comprehensive preperation for young people entering adulthood.  With time to talk about relationships, decision making and some of the more practical aspects of moving out of childhood.

  • Relationships
    Friendships, love, conflict, parents and pressures.
  • Education & Employment
    What is the best choice and how to make it?
  • Confidence and Self-esteem
    What it really is and how to develop it.
  • Stress & Anxiety
    What it is, how to deal with it and avoid it!
  • What you really need to know
    Money, credit, insurance, banks.
  • Free Speak
    Chance to recap, dip into any subject previous covered or ask any questions.

Stand Alone Sessions

Various Ages

Below is a list of topics that will be run a various points in the year.  Check our bookings page to see what is running or get in touch to express an interest and to find out more.  We can also run any of the sessions listed above as a stand alone session.

  • Coping with Change
    Moving schools, family seperations, growing up.
  • Managing Grief
    A space to just talk.
  • Confidence and Self-esteem
    What it really is and how to develop it.
  • Free Speak
    A space to just talk and share, helpful if you are feeling lonely or isolated or struggling at school or home.


Where are sessions based?

Sessions run from various locations.

We can run bespoke sessions for you in a variety of locations including your own home or even a yurt!
We just need comfortable seating and a nice space to meet in – get in touch to discuss.

When does Gather run?

Gather sessions are flexible. 

  • Two day sessions over a weekend – 6 hours a day, including break and lunch.
  • Weekly session over 6 weeks – 2 hours including break
  • Monthly session over 6 months – 2 hours including break

If you are booking a bespoke session we will discuss what you would like covered and confirm the time it will take and options available.

What will you tell my child about sex, alcohol and drugs?

The whole point of Gather is to give a safe space for discussing all the subjects that effect young people but that are often not talked about.
If a session is about puberty and growing up or anything related then we may well talk about these subjects and we will be honest with our explanations, but equally we will provide information that we feel is appropriate to their age and understanding.

We will ensure that young people know what the law is around sex, alcohol and drug use and explain why those laws exist.

Our primary focus is ensuring young people understand the topics, know what their rights are, understand the pressures and situations that may effect their decisions and give them the tools to deal with situations that might come up.

We promote young people listening to their gut instincts, telling the difference between peer pressure and what they actually want to do and to consider consequences.

It has been proven time and time again, that the best way to prevent unwanted pregnancy and abuse of any kind is through knowledge, communication and self-empowerment.  All conversations are age appropriate and two adults are always present.

If you are concerned about this please get in touch and we can arrange to call you to discuss.

How much does the session cost?

To Be Confirmed

Sessions are limited to 8 atendees.
Tea, coffee, hot chocolate and cake are provided free of charge.

If you would like to organise a bespoke session please get in touch for a quote.
Price will be dependent on the number of people attending and location.

Occasionally we may secure funding for certain Gather topics and we will be able to offer subsidised spaces.

Do run sessions for adults?

Yes!  We are updating our adult microsite but for information or to express an interest please get in touch.

Do you take photographs?

We do not routinely take photos at Gather sessions, but sometimes it is a nice thing to do at the end as a reminder of the experience, if we have permission from all those attending.

As with all our sessions you can opt out of photographs on OCM (our online membership site).

What does my child need to bring?

All young people attending need to bring a drink with them – water or squash in a drinks bottle.  No fizzy drinks please.

If attending for a day session then a packed lunch is needed – we provide cake for snack.

If they have a mobile phone it needs to be left on silent – depending on the session we may ask for them to be handed in at the start and will be returned at the end.


Are the sessions confidential? Will you tell me what my child has said?

Sessions are confidential in essence, but if a young person says anything that raises concerns we will take appropriate action, as detailed by our safeguarding policy.

We will always encourage young people to talk to their parents or a trusted adult about any issues they may be having or about becoming sexually active.  We can also provide a supported session, helping young people and their parents talk about these kind of subjects together.

Is Gather Covid Safe?

Yes, we follow Government guidelines to ensure we are “Covid Safe”.  This includes a safety talk at the start of each session, hand washing on arrival, before and after eating (if relevent) and on departure.

We wipe surfaces and ventilate our indoor space.

Young people are not expected to socially distance, but are asked to give each other personal space – we are keeping numbers low in our discussion groups to enable space between young people.

Our staff take every effort both at work and in their home life, to reduce the risk of Covid transmission.

We complete regular risk assesments, have a full Covid policy and anyone sending a young person is commited to following the “Covid Parent Agreement” that we supply.

How do I book?

You can book on Gather using our online system.

If no events are currently scheduled or to discuss a bespoke Gather session – you can email an expression of interest and we will be in touch.