Discussion Groups

Lets get together and talk.


Its good to talk

Throughout history, people have gathered together to talk and share thoughts and opinions.  Although some of us still do this with friends and family, some subjects can be hard to discuss.

Growing up, puberty, peer pressure, stress, friendships, relationships, sex and pandemics are all topics that can be tricky to be open and honest about – it can also be hard for adults to know what to say or how to say it.  Adult life brings its own set of life changing events with careers, training, travel, relationships, grief, parenting and menopause as a start.


Bringing people together

Gather brings those who are are having similar experiences together, with an experienced group facilitator to help start things off, encourage discussion and provide facts and insight.  A second adult attends sessions for young people, for safeguarding purposes.

We run Gather sessions for friendship groups, individuals, families, young people and adults.
Sessions can also be booked to aid conflict resolution and improve communication.


Wide range of topics

Some of our sessions come in a series and some are “stand alone”. 

If there is a topic not listed or we do not have a certain session available at the moment – please do get in touch.  We can offer bespoke packages, can add dates and will happily seek out an appropriate facilitator if the topic is more specialist.