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The Shed Frogmary Green Farm

Sessions for all ages

Rama Life’s Holiday Club, is an Ofsted registered childcare provision with more.
Explore: Ages 5-10 together in one group or two smaller sub-groups, following the same theme and activties, adjusted to an age appropriate level.  Everyone on Explore spends break and lunchtime together.   Based at The Shed, Frogmary Green Farm.

Explore PLUS: Ages 11-16 years.
Each day includes skill, creative, active, discussion/debate, adventure and free time sessions.
Based at South Petherton Youth Club.

See below for details on both groups below and info on how to book.

Learning Opportunities

Rama Life Walking

Keeping Active

Crafting at Rama Life

Arts & Crafts

Explore for 5 – 10 years

Playing games is a great way to stay active, have fun and build self-confidence and teamwork skills.  Activties are adjusted to the age of the group, relaxed and flexible.  If someone wants to sit one out – thats fine!

We play circle & wide games, sports, obstacle races and scavenger hunts.  We go outside as much as possible and in our summer holiday club, we sometimes add water to games, to make it a bit more interesting!

Explore is a great place to be creative. Whatever we use – paint, pens, crafty bits, leaves and twigs, clay, icing pens, cardboard or Lego – all that matters is having a go and having fun.

We can accept children from Reception age, as long as they are fully toilet trained and able to take care of their own toilet hygiene.

Explore PLUS for 11 – 16 years

As with our younger group, we strive to provide a provision that is not simply childcare – but also an opportunity to learn and develop skills.

Every day of Explore PLUS offers a variety of sessions that will cater for a wide variety of interests and each in a perfect duration so great for those who love the subject but not too long for those who are not as keen.  Sessions will involve active time outside every day, a chance to learn real life skills (First Aid, Money, Confidence Building & more) and time to get creative.

We will have craft supplies, board games, cards, circus & sports equipment – so lots of ways to hang out with mates whilst being productive.

On a WEDNESDAY we run a different style of programme by taking an outing on our minibus.  See programme for full details.

Our Ethos

Rama Youth encourage young people to form their own opinions and learn how to respect others, that may differ from them.  We encourage discussion and debate in a positive way.  We do not promote or deny any religion, faith or belief system and we are always interested in hearing about the international links that many of our atendees have.

We promote the ethos that art is a personal thing and doesn’t need to  be compared to others.  If you want it to look different, then just keep practicting and remember, that what you may see as “failure”, is just part of the road to success.

We actively encourage being physically active, having good self-care and building communication skills.


Where are sessions based?
Explore is based at Frogmary Green Farm, West Street, South Petherton, TA13 5DJ

Please follow the Rama Life signs and pull into our the car park which is immediately on the right once you pull in from the road. Please DO NOT park in the main Farm area (next to cafe).

Please direct all queries to us direct – the farm cannot answer any queries.

What time does Explore run?
Sessions run from 9am – 3:30pm.

We have a staff briefing at 8:45am so please wait until we come out to greet you.

If you require an early start from 8:30am or a late finish please get in touch for cost.

Please remember, this is not a regular “after school club” with a high level of out of hours attendence, so cost will reflect this.

Collection needs to be prompt – if you are running late please get in touch as soon as possible.

What should my child wear?

Young people attending should wear comfy shoes and clothing that can get dirty.  We could be painting, walking or out in nature!

Are you allowed to run during a pandemic?

Yes, the Government has protected the education and welfare of young people and also recognises the essential need for childcare.

We complete regular risk assesments, have a full Covid policy and anyone sending their child is commited to following the “Covid Parent Agreement” that we supply.

How much does the session cost?

Explore costs £27 for 6.5 hours (this works out as £4.15 per hour).

Do you take photographs?
We sometimes take photos of the sessions and many families appreciate being able to see what their child has been up to through social media.

We never publish the name of a child and if you do NOT want your child to be photographed you can update this on OCM (our online members system).

What does my child need to bring?

Your child needs the following:

  • Full water bottle
  • Packed lunch and snack
  • Waterproof Coat
  • Waterproof Trousers (or spare trousers)
  • Wellies (if its been raining or due to rain)

If attending April-September:

  • Sun Hat
  • Sun Cream (optional for hot weather – please apply at home and if brought, child needs to apply themselves)
  • Spare clothes or wet suit for wet games

If attending October-March:

  • Warm Hat and Gloves
  • Wear Layers
Is there anything my child CANNOT bring?

Young people cannot bring:

  • Nuts or nut butter in any form
  • Fizzy Drinks (teens can bring one can, no energy drinks please).
  • Electronic Devices (see note below)
  • Soft toys are currently discouraged due to Government guidlines.  If essential these need to remain in their bag.

We understand that some young people will carry a mobile phone – this is fine, but needs to remain in their bag, on silent and we do not accept any liability if lost, damaged or goes missing.

We ask all young people to talk to leaders if there is a problem and leave us to contact parents if necessary.

Is Explore Covid Safe?

Yes, we follow Government guidelines to ensure we are “Covid Safe”.  This includes a safety talk at the start of each session, regular hand washing including on arrival, before and after eating and departure.

We wipe surfaces regularly and spend lots of time outside.  If we are inside we ventilate the space.

Young people are not expected to socially distance, but are asked to give each other personal space.

Our staff take every effort both at work and in their home life, to reduce the risk of Covid transmission.

We complete regular risk assesments, have a full Covid policy and anyone sending their child is commited to following the “Covid Parent Agreement” that we supply.

How do I book?

You can now book Explore, online here.

We can accept childcare vouchers, Gov Tax Free childcare and Student Childcare.  Please see our booking page for more details.



What Our Families are Saying

My daughter was a bit nervous on her first day as she’s only 5 and didn’t know anyone but she had THE BEST time! She really cannot wait to go back. Very relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff and great selection of activities. Thank you Rama 😁

Harry and macey absolutely love rama life, they have talked non-stop since last tuesday. And it’s nice going to work knowing they are having fun and in a safe environment.