Skills & Education

What do you want to learn?

Learn something new

Engage is the chance to try something new or improve on what you know with our skills workshops.  From an immersive day visiting an industry (to see what really happens behind the scenes) to learning to make a curry from scratch.  We provide the skills, expertise and a supportive environment – helping you learn.

If you are interested in Engage visiting your workplace, get in touch.

Alone or with friends

Engage is flexible – sign up to a session and learn with others who are interested in the same topic.  Alternatively, if you and a group of friends want to pick up a new skill together, get in touch and we will try and make it happen.  Want to learn how to cook a curry from scratch?  Learn how to knit or crochet?  Fancy a crash course in decorating?  Engage can make this happen.

Off to Uni or moving out?

We offer a comprehensive crash course in what you need to know when you move out for the first time.  Basic cookery, finances, insurance, tenancy agreements, self care and wellbeing.  All with our friendly team and zero pressure.  Just come along and pick up some hints and tips to help you along your way.

Behind the Scenes

Our immersive industry days allow young people to get a real idea of what jobs are really like.  Our staff are there the whole time to ensure the day is relaxed, enjoyable and safe.  Upcoming visits: Farming, Building & Retail.  

  • Behind the scenes look at industry
  • Breakdown of many of the roles that are involved
  • Ask questions and see how things work
  • Youth friendly; relaxed and supportive
  • Transport provided

Life Skills 101

Book in with Engage today to get all the info you need for leaving home for the first time.  We cover the basics and can spend extra time on topics of interest.

  • Basic Cookery
  • Bank Accounts, Credit Cards and Loans
  • Insurance – all of them!!
  • Saving
  • Housing
  • Wellbeing
  • Cars

Spotlight Skills

Learn something interesting that will help you through life.

Cooking, mechanics, crafting, managing money and more…

  • Experienced staff
  • Refresh skills or learn new ones
  • Learn through doing
  • Attend, practice, come back and advance!
  • Meet new people


Where are sessions based?

Engage is usually based at Barrington Village Hall, Barrington Mews, Barrington, Ilminster TA19 0JE.
We have a comfortable seeting area, kitchen and toilets.

Depending on the topic, sessions may run at alternative locations – including industry visits.

Transport is usually available for our site visits but this may be effected at the moment, due to Covid.

We can run bespoke sessions for you in a variety of locations.  Get in touch to discuss.

Directions to Barrington
If you are approaching from South Petherton/Shepton Beauchamp direction:
Drive into the village and pass National Trust property, Barrington Court, on your right hand side.  Please carefully drive maintaining a low speed through the village, past the pub.  You will reach the village hall on your right hand side, you will notice a play park and there is parking directly outside the front door and opposite. Please do not park in the adjoining residents car park (clearly marked).

If you are approaching from Ilminster or Hambridge direction:

You will reach the village hall on your left hand side, you will notice a play park and there is parking directly outside the front door and opposite.  Please do not park in the adjoining residents car park (clearly marked).


What time does Engage run?

Sessions vary – please see the booking page for details or get in touch.

What should you wear?

It will say on booking if anything particular is needed. The general rule is comfortable and appropriate to what session you are attending.

How much does the session cost?

Session costs vary dependent on time, location and topic.  Please see booking page for details.

Do you take photographs?

We sometimes take photos of the sessions and many families appreciate being able to see what their child has been up to through social media.

We never publish the name of a child and if you do NOT want your child to be photographed you can update this on OCM (our online members system).

What do you need to bring?

For youth session we request they bring:

  • Full water bottle
  • Packed lunch and snack (if its a day session)
  • Any specific clothing mentioned in the event booking (ie warm coat, wellies etc)
Is there anything that you cannot bring?

Young people cannot bring:

  • Nuts or nut butter in any form
  • Fizzy Drinks (teens can bring one can, no energy drinks please).
  • Electronic Devices (see note below)

We understand that some young people will carry a mobile phone – this is fine, but needs to remain in their bag, on silent and we do not accept any liability if lost, damaged or goes missing.

We ask all young people to talk to leaders if there is a problem and leave us to contact parents if necessary.

Is Engage Covid Safe?

Yes, we follow Government guidelines to ensure we are “Covid Safe”.  This includes a safety talk at the start of each session, regular hand washing including on arrival, before and after eating and departure.

We wipe surfaces regularly and spend lots of time outside.  If we are inside we ventilate the space.

Young people are not expected to fully socially distance, but are asked to give each other personal space.

Our staff take every effort both at work and in their home life, to reduce the risk of Covid transmission.

We complete regular risk assesments, have a full Covid policy and anyone sending their child is commited to following the “Covid Parent Agreement” that we supply.

How do I book?

You can now book Engage, online here.

Or get in touch to express an interest or ask questions.



What Our Atendees are Saying

Visiting the farm was a great way to understand what really goes on.  Having someone explain what the digester does and how it works made it so much more interesting.  Seeing how much IT is involved was really surprising and I am now considering it as a career.

Seeing behind the scenes of the Robotic dairy was fantastic.  I thought I wouldn’t agree with it, but could see the humane benefits and was surprised at how quiet and relaxed it was.  It really helped me see a different side of what I thought farming was.

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